Silex Chemicals SC UG is a valuable resource for far many companies in a wide variety of industries throughout the world. Including, but not limited to the following industries:


Semiconductor wafer and chip CVD/ALD manufacture (Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition)

Nano-layers of metals, semiconducting and dielectric materials are crucial components of modern electronic devices, high-efficiency solar panels, memory systems, computer chips and a broad variety of high-performance tools.
Silex Chemicals SC offers high-quality precursors for ALD, safely packaged in steel cylinders suitable for use with a variety of deposition systems. They may be used in liquid injection systems as a dilute solution and combined with a variety of other sources to deposit mixed oxides.



Silex Chemicals SC produces materials for optical, laser, lighting, electronics and other applications. We have supplied research materials to many university-based solar energy research programs. For photovoltaics manufacturers, we offer bulk semiconductors, nanoparticles and thin film precursors.


Optical fibers

Our materials are used in all processes established worldwide for the manufacture of various types of optical fibers (SM, MM, special fibers). Optical products are engineered to meet the most rigorous quality standards and produced from ultra-high purity materials. Customers benefit from the decades of experience Silex Chemicals SC has amassed in the production, analysis, and logistics of ultra-pure chlorosilanes.